Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

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Aphelandra squarrosa

This beautiful plantita is native to Brazil and blooms beautiful yellow flowers in the Summer & Fall. 

The Zebra Plant loves moisture and humidity, and thrives in warm conditions with bright indirect light. Make sure your Zebra Plant isn't drying out more than 75% of the way through before watering it again -- while the soil shouldn't be soggy, it should remain moist to keep this plantta happy. If you have bright light in your bathroom, try growing it in there -- the humidity will keep its leaves staying full and lush! 

If your Zebra Plant's leaves do end up getting crispy on the ends, make sure it's not next to a cold window or under an AC or heating vent in your home -- while air flow is always beneficial for your plants, too much can dry out this plantita's soil too fast for its liking. 

This plant is completely safe for pets! 


If you’re worried about getting your water schedule right, we recommend using a Moisture Meter! These handy tools will help you gauge if your plant needs water or not, without the mess of sticking your hands in the soil to check. 

If a plant is out of stock, we apologize – we’re very grateful for our community’s support, and can sell out of certain plants quite quickly! We get new plants about once a week and try to source all our community’s favs as fast as we can. 

If you’re local to the LA area, we recommend coming into the shop when you can, especially if you’re looking for a new plant! We have much more plants in our store than we display online, as well as a full backyard greenhouse that houses our discounted rehab plants that need a bit more TLC from a new home. 

NOTE: Decorative pot not included.