About Us

Our Origin Story

Latinx with Plants first bloomed March 23rd, 2019 out of admiration for the community @blackwithplants was cultivating and a desire to contribute towards the celebration of people of color in the plant world. Thank you to D’Real Graham for paving the way, opening the door, and welcoming us in.

While @latinxwithplants was mostly dedicated to sharing fun memes, plant inspo, and plant parent goals, it grew to something we never could have imagined.


Planta Parenthood Pop-Ups

Our Planta Parenthood Pop Ups came out of a place of necessity. They began as a fundraiser to help a family member during COVID-19, and just as we were trying to help a family member heal, we extended those same principles to our pop ups. We saw folks all around us (re)connect with their plants and nature. As everything began to shut down, plants became essential for our emotional wellbeing as we connected with other plant parents (both new and experienced) through instagram and/or pop ups and healed together.


Mission and Vision

Education. Community. Indigenous Sovereignty. Black Liberation.

These are our priorities.

We aim to build a community (and world) that is more equitable through plants and our growing platform. We seek to spread ancestral plant knowledge to combat the environmental racism that plagues brown and black communities. Located right next to major freeway entrances and gas stations, we experience and see this on a daily basis and make sure to offer and inform our community of the different ways in which they can filter their air with plants.

So we believe in the power of community. We believe in the power of collaboration. We know we MUST do our part. We have auctioned Begonia Maculatas and donated proceeds to Gender Justice LA and Audre Lorde Project. We teamed up with Christiana Bolaños from @plant_base_ and auctioned off a hand painted ceramic pot and Bromeliad with proceeds going directly towards Audre Lorde Project. We love being able to highlight artists and business owners from our community while being able to contribute to different causes.

We dream that one day everyone will be able to grow their own plants in an effort to deepen their connection and understanding of the Earth and nature. We hope that the same care with which plant parents treat their plant children, they’ll be able to apply to themselves. May they (re)connect with themselves in new ways, stop and reflect on what they need, prune away at the things holding them back, and GROW.