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We offer a wide range of beginner-friendly workshops for events and folks all across Los Angeles, and can even supply your event with plants and florals for rent or purchase. If you're looking for a venue to host your next workshop or event, we can host you in our own backyard! 


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Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly activity for a large event or festival, or you’re looking for a fun private class for your employees or loved ones, we offer lots of workshops for participants of all ages and experience levels, both in English and Spanish.

We regularly host our own creative workshops here at our Boyle Heights shop, but we also love traveling all over the city to bring fun plant-related workshops and activities to events of all kinds. We’ve had the pleasure of working with institutions like the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, and brands like Vans and Fabletics, to name a few.

To stay up to date on our workshops, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Eventbrite, and check out our calendar!

If you’d like to inquire about a private workshop at your home or workplace, a public workshop at an event, or renting our space to host a workshop of your own, please send us an email via our Contact Form with as many details as possible, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Most Popular Workshops

Pot Painting & Repotting

Our most popular workshop is a super fun pot painting & repotting workshop, where guests will paint their own terracotta pot, customizing it with acrylic paint and paint markers, and then learn how to repot a plant inside that pot to take home and care for. This workshop can be modified for all ages and experience levels, and we can offer succulents, tropical plants, or plant arrangements in different sizes for each workshop.

Whether you’d like to take home a tiny succulent or a large tropical plant arrangement, we can work with your needs and budget to find the right repotting workshop for you.

nicole-mclaughlin-vans-dtla-photo-morgnar-96 (1).jpg__PID:3367d3ef-f8fa-46b8-b9e2-f85978ce2a73
Corporate Painting & Repotting Event.JPG__PID:a6b8b9e2-f859-48ce-aa73-91399ca6bfed
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Flower Arrangements

Flowers bring joy to so many folks, but not many people know how to make their own bouquet! We offer flower bouquet workshops using fresh flowers, dried flowers, or a mix of both, with or without a vase. Fresh flowers will of course begin to wilt within a few weeks, but dried and dehydrated flowers will keep their color and look for many years, so we can customize the workshop to fit your preferences!

In 2024, we launched our fan-favorite Bootquet workshop, where participants are able to paint and decorate a ceramic boot, learning new painting techniques, and create a custom flower bootquet inside to take home. It's a lovely way to learn a new skill, bond with friends, and cherish something you created for years to come! 

Screen Printing

Latinx with Plants founder Andi Xoch has been screen printing her own artwork for years, and when she started creating designs for Latinx with Plants, her practice was no different. We’ve had the privilege of spreading the technique and knowledge of screen printing to folks via workshops, where guests are able to screen print something of their own. We can create custom plant-related designs for clients, or teach folks how to screen print using one of our existing designs. It’s always a fun activity for all ages, and folks can walk away with their very own print, tote, or scarf!

Custom Greeting Cards Designed for Client by Andi Xoch

Greeting Card Bundle (1).jpg__PID:c1846944-4c63-471d-93f7-27193b37be54



Is your plant showing signs of stagnation or sickness? Most houseplants need to be repotted at least every 1-2 years. Even if you don't want to increase your plant's pot size, refreshing the soil every year or so can make sure that your plant has a healthy and consistent supply of the beneficial minerals & nutrients that they draw from their soil. 

If you don't know how to repot or just want some assistance, bring your plants to our shop, and we'll help you out! We charge a small fee for all repotting services, but our soil is a locally-sourced organic tropical mix with lots of healthy nutrients and fertilizers to feed your plants for many months to come.

Our shop is open daily, and we almost always have soil in stock -- but calling ahead to check is always recommended. If you'd rather do your own repotting, you can buy soil from us in bags, or bring your own 5 gallon bucket and we'll fill it up with soil for $15! 


We love to work with clients of all kinds to provide centerpieces, event decor, or even gifts for patrons and guests to take home. We can offer plant arrangements or floral arrangements as centerpieces, and always work with clients to customize the colors and design of pieces to match the decor and style of the event. We’ve had the pleasure of working with institutions, brands and nonprofits such as the Vincent Price Museum, Amazon Prime, and Mayor Garcetti’s Office, to name a few.

If you’re looking for small but meaningful gifts to give to volunteers, sponsors, or guest attendees, we’re happy to work with you to find something appropriate and within your budget – from a small succulent arrangement to a unique floral bouquet, we offer lots of options that can be picked up, delivered or shipped to you (depending on the gift). Reach out to us via email, or visit our shop in person to ask about different options that can fit your gifting needs!

Molcajete 2.JPG__PID:8469444c-63c7-4d53-b727-193b37be5434
Screen Shot 2024-06-07 at 16.20.15.png__PID:d5f65414-28c2-47a1-bd07-8e6882387dce
Screen Shot 2024-06-07 at 16.16.12.png__PID:5e67de84-d5f6-4414-a8c2-b7a13d078e68


We offer lots of creative and unique floral decor for a wide range of events and occasions.

Whether you’re looking for corsages and bouquets for your wedding or bridal shower, or a flower crown for a baby shower or quinceanera, we offer custom floral orders year-round, and can work with you to meet your requests for the types of colors and foliage you’re looking for.

We always do our best to match your floral orders to your preferred color scheme and style, so sending inspo photos when reaching out to us is the best way for us to customize your order to your liking! 

The first two flower crowns shown here were custom-made for a Día de los Muertos event in 2023. Photos are by Carlos Eric Lopez.

Screen Shot 2024-06-07 at 15.35.42.png__PID:b30305cf-027e-47af-92af-4ff1eeaa0d9b


If you’re looking to decorate an event space with lots of plants, but don’t want to commit to purchasing and caring for them, we offer plant rental services for plants of all shapes and sizes! We’ve helped folks fulfill large plant rental orders for galas and large parties, as well as for smaller events like weddings, shows and concerts.

We rent out our plants at 50% their retail price, and we offer delivery and pick up for a fee, determined by the amount of plants and travel distance. If you’d like to inquire about pricing for different plants, please send us an email via our Contact Form with as much detail as possible, and we’ll do our best to help you out! If you’re local, we highly recommend visiting our store to check out our general selection; if you don’t see something specific that you’re looking for, we’ll always do our best to source the plants you want for your space.


Looking to fill your home, office space, or business with plants, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We offer plant consultation services for individuals and businesses of all kinds, and we can even visit your space to get a first-hand look at what might work best for you. When you’re ready to purchase some plants, we can offer you a wide range of selections, and can even provide you with pots and vessels that match your decor.

If you’re having an issue with some of your existing plants, and think they might need pest treatment or repotting, we offer house call services to folks in the LA area and can bring the necessary supplies to help treat your plants and keep them thriving. Please reach out to us with all the necessary details, such as where you're located and how many plants you'd like serviced and how, to receive an accurate estimate.

If you’re looking for someone to regularly care for and maintain your plants at home or at work, we also offer plant maintenance services for individuals, corporate clients, or anyone in between – shoot us an email with details outlining your specific needs, and we’ll get back to you with our availability.


We are so grateful to our Boyle Heights community for uplifting us and our space; setting up and maintaining our shop and backyard patio is a labor of love, and we’d like to share the fruits of our labor with you!

We often host workshops and events in our backyard greenhouse and patio, but we also rent the space out to nonprofit organizations, corporations and individuals who would like to host their own event back there. From private events and dinner parties to fundraisers and photoshoots, we’re happy to rent out our backyard space to help community members host a special event of their own in a calm and cozy environment.

If you’re interested in renting our space for your own event or shoot, feel free to reach out to us with details, and we can let you know our availability and capacity to host you.


Plática hosted by Visions 2030 (2023)

Greenhouse - Dinner Party.jpg__PID:78ce2a73-9139-4ca6-bfed-0f98e37771ae

Private Dinner Party (2023)


While our specialty is plants and florals, our business and practice is founded on the basis of creativity and artistry, and we draw lots of inspiration from the artists and elders in our community who utilize unconventional materials and artistic techniques to create our own effective and attractive plant displays.

In the past, we’ve provided installations involving live plants and flowers for The Exploratorium Musem in San Francisco, Ain’t No Picnic music festival, and in 2023 we constructed the community altar for Downey Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Día de los Muertos Art Festival.

We love receiving the opportunity to express our creativity through plant installations, so if you’re interested in hiring us to construct an interactive or display piece for an upcoming festival or event, please reach out!

LWP Installation.HEIC__PID:cc7dc184-6944-4c63-871d-53f727193b37

Live Plant Walkway for Ain't No Picnic Music Festival (2022)

Return After A Long Week Of Memories

What you do on this final day of your Jordan tour depends on what time you are flying out. Globus will transfer you directly to Amman airport from the Movenpick Resort and Spa.

Hot Tip: My flight was early morning, so I left the resort about 10pm. Had I known how great the Dead Sea Resort and Spa was, I would have delayed my flight until the following day and stayed an extra night and morning.

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