Do you have _________ plant?

We get a fresh selection of plants every week, usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are some plants that we get consistently and others that are hard to come by, but we keep a fairly consistent stock of tropical and drought-resistant plants, with lots more rotation of our more unique finds. If you’re committed to purchasing the plant of your dreams, we can take down your info in person or via email, and contact you when we get it in stock. Please note that you’ll need to come pick it up in the shop.


Can you help me with my plant?

Yes, we’re here to help!! If you have any questions or concerns about your plantitas, bring us pictures of your plant or your plant itself* for a consultation. We’ll ask you all about its life with you--from your watering routine to where your plant lives in your home, and everything in between. We can also help you repot your plants for a small fee, and guide you towards the best advice on how to keep it growing and thriving in your home. If a plant just isn't working our for you, we can also help you make the next plant adoption that works best for you. During check out, we’ll try to provide you with tips for keeping your plantita thriving and happy. Please keep in mind that we might not always know the name of a plant or how to care for it (there’s so many plants out there!!) but we’ll do our best to find that information for you. 


**If you need to bring to bring your plant in for a check-up, some TLC or repotting, please do a thorough inspection and make sure to check that it doesn’t have any pests before bringing it into the shop! Thank you.


I purchased something online, where is my order?


Thank you for supporting us and purchasing from our online store! We are still a very small team and we are working daily to streamline our process and work out any kinks that might come up along the way. Some products might need to be sourced before shipping, if we don't have a suitable or healthy enough plant on hand to ship long distances. We are currently shipping orders once a week, but if you have any questions about your order, please feel free to reach out via email!