I live in ______! Do you ship?

Not yet but we’re working on it! We’re a two woman team holding it down and figuring things out as we go. We recently opened up a physical location and are channeling all of our energy into this new venture. We want to make sure that we develop a system that is sustainable for us and our planet.


I just booked my appointment! I’m so excited can I bring my mom, sister, etc.

We’re so excited to see you! As much as we love seeing families, with COVID, we don’t have the capacity to hold more than 4 people in the space. We’re a small shop and we’re trying to keep everyone safe, including ourselves. We ask that you don’t bring more than one other person. If you do, we’ll ask your extra party members to wait outside and you’ll have to take turns browsing the shop while sharing the 15 minute appointment slot.


Do you have _________ plant?

We get a fresh selection of plants every week, about three times a week. There are some plants that we get consistently and others that are HARD to come by. If you’re committed to purchasing the plant of your dreams, we can take down your info and contact you when we get it in stock. Please note that you’ll need to come pick it up in the shop.


Can you help me with my plant?

We’re here to help!! Bring us pictures of your plants or your plant itself for a consultation. We’ll ask you all about your watering routine to where your plant lives. We can also help you repot your plants and guide you towards making the next plant adoption that works best for you. During check out, we’ll try to provide you with tips for keeping your plantita thriving and happy. Please keep in mind that we might not always know the name of a plant or how to care for it (there’s so many plants out there!!) but we’ll do our best to find that information for you. 


Help! I can’t find your shop!

We are aware that our actual store address gets read as a suite when input into navigation systems. This is something that is currently out of our control which is why we stress the important of reading our emails since we include an alternate address to use. Please use 2117 E Cesar Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033.


Can I just stop by the store or do I need an appointment?

We are so grateful for all the support we’ve been receiving and are trying our best to meet our demand. Appointments guarantee you a 15 minute time slot to browse our selection and help us keep everyone safe. Dropping by the store doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to browse the selection as some days tend to get incredibly busy. If you do stop by, we’ll ask you to be on standby until the store is vacant and we’re able to accommodate you.