Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly

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Alocasia amazonica 'Polly'

Also known as the 'African Mask' Alocasia, this beautiful and striking plant stands tall and proud when happy. These babies thrive in medium to bright indirect light -- low light will slowly kill this plantita, and direct light will give her a sunburn, so make sure she's not directly next to a sunny window, but a few feet back.

Alocasias like their soil to be moist, but not wet or soggy for too long. Weekly waterings should be perfect for these tropical plants; make sure to let the soil dry out around 50% before watering again. If you have good light in the bathroom, this plantita loves humidity and will enjoy a bright, humid environment! If not, misting regularly in hotter, drier months should keep her leaves from crisping up in the heat. 

Alocasias typically only have a few leaves at a time, and when a new one pops up, an older leaf might die off -- this is completely normal, and shouldn't be cause for alarm, so don't freak out if your plantita is dropping a leaf or two! It's probably just preparing for bigger and better growth. 

This product photo depicts a 6" Alocasia Polly. 

If you’re worried about getting your water schedule right, we recommend using a Moisture Meter! These handy tools will help you gauge if your plant needs water or not, without the mess of sticking your hands in the soil to check. 
If a plant is out of stock, we apologize – we’re very grateful for our community’s support, and can sell out of certain plants quite quickly! We get new plants about once a week and try to source all our community’s favs as fast as we can. 
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NOTE: Decorative pot not included. Toxic to pets when ingested.