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String of Coins

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Xerosicyos danguyi

Also known as Silver Dollar Vine, Penny Plant, and Silver Dollar Succulent, this unique and beautiful succulent thrives on neglect and is a great unique houseplant for the busy traveller in your life!

Originally from Southwestern Madigascar, this succulent naturally climbs upwards, and grows thick silvery-green circular leaves. As a houseplant, its branches get heavy with the leaves and hang over the edge of pots when mature. 

The String of Coins can handle bright indirect light, dappled sunlight, and even some direct sunlight for part of the day -- but too much direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. 

Let the soil dry out completely in between waterings -- this plant can be neglected for a while, but for consistent growth, make sure to water thoroughly every 2-3 weeks. 

This plant is completely safe for pets! 


If you’re worried about getting your water schedule right, we recommend using a Moisture Meter! These handy tools will help you gauge if your plant needs water or not, without the mess of sticking your hands in the soil to check. 

If a plant is out of stock, we apologize – we’re very grateful for our community’s support, and can sell out of certain plants quite quickly! We get new plants about once a week and try to source all our community’s favs as fast as we can. 

If you’re local to the LA area, we recommend coming into the shop when you can, especially if you’re looking for a new plant! We have much more plants in our store than we display online, as well as a full backyard greenhouse that houses our discounted rehab plants that need a bit more TLC from a new home. 

NOTE: Decorative pot not included.